Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock, Fantastico

Label:  Perris Records

Year: 2010

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Album release - 01/26/2010

Band Members
Jason McMaster:  Singer
David Roy Beeson: Guitar
Jared Tuten: Guitar
Brett McCormick: Bass
Bruce Rivers: Drums
The album features guest vocals by Canadian rock-n-roll killer, DANKO JONES, the album is a fireball of scorching new tracks, including "Exploder", "Spitting Nails", "Blackheart" and the spiked-with-tequila title track. As always, Broken Teeth will screech their rock-n-roll sermon to the metal church faithful when Fantastico ignites a case of road-hard, white line fever across the USA and beyond. If you bow at the altar of ROSE TATTOO, AC/DC and RHINO BUCKET, you're gonna scream for Broken Teeth!"
Blackheart Video
First video release from the album "Viva La Rock, Fantastico"